MS Bing now available for everyone

Microsoft’s GPT 4-powered Bing AI is now available to everyone!

About a month ago, Microsoft launched the new AI-powered Bing to build on the ChatGPT hype. Backed by what we now know as GPT-4, the AI-powered search engine and chatbot has become extremely popular (~100 million daily active users) in a fairly short period of time. However, a big downside was that Bing AI was stuck behind a waiting list. However, there is finally good news, as Microsoft has opened up MS AI Bing to everyone. Read below to know all about it.

Bing AI now available to everyone without a waitlist

Previously, the new Microsoft Bing was in limited preview for a long time. In order to use it, users had to join the waiting list for the same. However, as Windows Central spotted, users who sign up for the new Bing AI now have immediate access.

Microsoft's GPT 4-powered Bing AI is now available to everyone!

To get started with the new Bing, you’ll still need a Microsoft account. Users will even see a ‘Join the waiting list‘ button. However, if you click the button now, you will be immediately greeted with the success message. We tested the same thing on several Microsoft accounts and it works for all of us here at Blinked.

As the new Microsoft Bing opens up to everyone, people will rush to experiment and try all the cool things they can do with an AI-powered search engine. It will be interesting to see who wins the battle for attention, Bing or ChatGPT. There is, however, a major caveat.

Well, Microsoft being Microsoft only allows access to Bing AI through its Edge browser at the moment. You cannot access the Bing Chat feature on other popular browsers. But there is a simple workaround, as we detailed in our article on using Bing Chat AI on any browser. So go ahead and give this AI search feature a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.