How to Enable Auto Clicks in Chromebook (2022 Guide)

Auto-click is one of the main accessibility features of Chromebooks. As the name suggests, it automatically clicks on a button, menu, toggle, basically any actionable UI element. You just need to drag and place your cursor on the button and it will be clicked automatically. This feature is useful for users diagnosed with motor impairments. Due to the impairment, users cannot control their muscles and press buttons with their fingers, resulting in loss of function of a body part. To solve this problem and help users with disabilities, Google has introduced automatic clicks in Chrome OS. So, if you want to know how to enable auto clicks in Chromebook, follow our guide below.

Auto Clicker in Chromebook (2022)

We have mentioned an easy way to enable this powerful accessibility feature on Chromebooks. The feature has been available on Chrome OS since 2015, so all Chromebooks — old and new — support Auto Clicks. Just follow our guide and set it up quickly. Here’s how you can go about it:

How to Enable Auto Clicks in Chrome OS

1. To enable Auto Clicks in Chromebook, you must first open the Quick Settings panel in the lower right corner. After that click on gear icon to open Settings.

Enable Auto Clicks in Chromebook (2022)

2. In the Settings page, click “Advanced” on the left sidebar to expand the menu, then open the “Accessibility” options.

accessibility feature of chromebooks for people with motor disabilities

3. Here, click on “Manage accessibility features” in the right pane.

accessibility feature of chromebooks for people with motor disabilities

4. Next, scroll down and find the “Mouse & Touchpad” section. Underneath, enable the toggle for “Auto click when cursor stops“. This will enable automatic clicks on your Chromebook.

Auto click when cursor stops

5. Now when you move the cursor over an actionable item, it click automatically button or UI element.

accessibility feature of chromebooks for people with motor disabilities

How to Customize Auto Clicker in Chrome OS

If you want to customize the auto click feature in Chrome OS with different functions, you can do that easily. Here’s how it works:

1. Upon activating the feature, a floating menu will appear in the lower right corner of your Chromebook. Here you can choose between Left-Click, Right-Click, Double-Click, Click-and-Drag, and Scroll for automatic clicks. Basically, you can map auto-click to any mouse functionality except continuous click.

Auto click when cursor stops

2. Under the Accessibility Settings page, you can also choose delay time before mouse clicks, motion threshold, etc.

Auto click when cursor stops

How to Disable Auto Clicks in Chromebook

If you want to disable auto clicks on your Chromebook, you can simply follow your steps and stop using the feature. Move towards “Settings -> Advanced -> Accessibility -> Manage accessibility features“. So, disable the “Automatically click when cursor stops” toggle.

disable chromebook auto clicks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Auto Clicks in Chromebook?

Auto-clicks is an accessibility feature that allows you to click on buttons and menus simply by placing the cursor over the UI element. ChromeOS will automatically press the button. This feature is useful for users who have been diagnosed with motor impairment.

How to Enable Auto Clicks in Chromebook?

You can open Settings and go to Advanced -> Accessibility -> Manage accessibility features. Here, enable the “Automatically click when cursor stops” toggle.

Which version of Chrome OS supports Auto-Clicks?

Auto-click has been around on Chromebooks for a long time, so all old and new Chromebooks come with this accessibility feature.

How to disable automatic clicks on Chromebook?

Just open the Settings page and navigate to Advanced -> Accessibility -> Manage Accessibility Features. Scroll down and turn off “Click automatically when cursor stops”.

Can we click continuously with Auto Clicks in Chrome OS?

No, Auto Clicks does not support continuous clicks. However, you can right-click, left-click, drag-and-drop, and scroll.

Enable Auto Clicks in Chrome OS Now

This is how you can enable automatic clicks on ChromeOS. As I mentioned above, this accessibility feature can be extremely helpful for users with motor impairments. It can help you click buttons automatically so you don’t have to move your muscles. Anyway, all of that comes from us in this guide. If you want to enable another accessibility feature, we suggest enabling live captions on your Chromebook. And for more Chrome OS tips and tricks, we have a handy guide on our website. Finally, if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.