How to Disable Suggested Posts on Instagram in 2022

Suggested posts on Instagram are a convenient way to discover new content from creators that match your interests. However, not everyone wants to see posts from people they don’t follow on their timeline. Luckily, the Meta-owned platform now gives you two easy ways to get rid of suggested posts. This article details the methods you can follow to disable suggested posts on Instagram.

Disable suggested posts on Instagram (2022)

What are suggested posts on Instagram?

Instagram shows suggested posts to users when they’ve seen all the recent content from the accounts they follow. According to Instagram, the suggestions are based on your activity on the platform, the accounts you follow, and the popularity of content and creators. Read on to learn more about ways to hide suggested posts on Instagram.

Repeat suggested posts on Instagram

1. When you find a post suggestion in your feed, tap the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner and choose “Not interested” in the context menu.

not interested in instagram post

2. Instagram will now hide the post and show you a prompt with an option to repeat showing suggested posts for 30 days. Tap “Repeat all suggested posts in feed for 30 days” to hide featured posts for a month.

hold suggested posts for 30 days

Turn off suggested posts on Instagram

While you can’t turn off post suggestions on Instagram, you can choose to avoid seeing them with a nifty workaround. The process here is to set up and switch to your “Following” or “Favorite” feeds introduced earlier this year.

Since these feeds aim to bring you content from the people you follow, you can rest assured that you won’t see suggested posts when you browse through them.

skip to next feed or instagram favorites

As we explained in our guide to using Instagram’s timeline feed, you can tap the Instagram logo and choose “Following” or “Favorites” to see posts from specific accounts you want. By browsing these feeds instead of the default “Home” feed, you can stay away from post suggestions.

Stop seeing suggested posts on Instagram

So this is it! We hope this quick guide has helped you get rid of suggested posts cluttering your feed on Instagram. To explore more such features, check out our guides on finding old Instagram bios, creating Instagram polls, and tips to avoid getting shadowbanned on Instagram. If you have any other questions regarding Instagram features, let us know in the comments below, and someone from our team will surely help you out.