HomePod mini not responding: 9 ways to fix!

Apple’s HomePod mini is a very good smart speaker. And while it doesn’t compare with the smarts and tricks of the Google Assistant, Siri is pretty good at most things, and the HomePod mini sounds better. Setting up the HomePod mini is a breeze, and while it works great, there are times when you might experience an unresponsive HomePod mini. This happened to me, and if you’re having the same problem, we’ve got you covered. Here are 9 ways to fix an unresponsive HomePod mini.

Best Solutions to Fix Unresponsive HomePod mini

While an unresponsive HomePod mini might freak you out, the problem is usually not that serious. We’re going to cover all the ways you can fix an unresponsive HomePod mini, from the simplest to the most extreme solutions. Although we recommend that you go through this list step by step, trying the solutions in the order we mentioned them, you can use the table of contents below to jump to any solution you want to try.

1. Make sure your HomePod is turned on

First, make sure your HomePod mini or HomePod is turned on. Make sure your smart speaker is plugged into the mains. After that, touch the top of the HomePod miniature. If you hear music, your speaker is on. Besides, you can also say “Hey Siri”. If the virtual assistant answers, the loudspeaker is activated.

Pro Tip: If HomePod mini is on but Hey Siri isn’t working, touch and hold the top of your HomePod mini and say, “Turn on Hey Siri.”

2. Check your Wi-Fi connection

If your HomePod mini is still unresponsive, then you need to check if it is properly connected to WiFi. HomePod automatically connects to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone. However, if you recently changed your WiFi password or got a new WiFi connection, your HomePod mini may not be connected to the new WiFi. Luckily, you can easily switch WiFi networks on your HomePod mini.

This will automatically switch your HomePod mini to the same WiFi connection as your iPhone.

3. Make sure Hey Siri listening is on

If your HomePod is connected to Wi-Fi but still can’t respond to “Hey Siri,” make sure Listen to “Hey Siri” is turned on.

Activate “Hey Siri” on HomePod mini with iPhone

  • Open the Home app and long press the HomePod tile. Scroll down and tap the settings cog icon.
enable hey siri function on homepod mini using iphone home app
  • Here, turn on the toggle next to “Listen to ‘Hey Siri'” to enable the feature on your HomePod.
activate hey siri toggle in homepod settings

Enable “Hey Siri” on HomePod Using Mac

  • Launch the Home app on your Mac and double-click the HomePod icon.
double click homepod title in mac home app
  • Click the settings cog icon or swipe down.
go to homepod settings in mac home app
  • Turn on the toggle next to “Listen to ‘Hey Siri'” to enable the feature on your HomePod.
enable listening to hey siri function on homepod using mac home app

Now try saying “Hey Siri” and see if your HomePod responds. Hopefully this should have fixed the issue. If not, read on to see other HomePod mini troubleshooting steps.

4. Check for alerts in the Home app

When HomePod can’t access your Apple ID, can’t connect to your home Wi-Fi network, or has other issues, an alert appears in the Home app with details about the issue. So go to Home app on your device, then press and hold/double-click the HomePod icon to view more information about the alert.

HomePod not responding problem
Image courtesy: Apple

5. Restart your HomePod

If you still can’t use your HomePod mini, a restart may also help fix the problem.

Restart HomePod mini from iPhone

Open the Home app, then long-press the HomePod tile. Here, tap Reset HomePod, then tap Restart HomePod.

Restart HomePod mini from Mac

Launch the Home app, then double-click the HomePod icon. Next, scroll down and click Reset HomePod. Finally, click Restart HomePod to restart the speaker.

6. Remove and re-pair HomePod using the Home app

If HomePods are still unresponsive, try removing and reconnecting your HomePod using the Home app. You can do this using the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Remove HomePod mini using iPhone

  • On iPhone or iPad: Open Home app -> long press HomePod icon -> Reset HomePod -> Remove accessory.

Remove HomePod mini using Mac

  • On Mac: Launch the Home app > double-click the HomePod icon -> Reset HomePod and click Remove Accessory.

Set up HomePod mini again

Setting up HomePod mini is simple. Simply plug it into the mains and unlock your iPhone. You will see a prompt on your iPhone. Just tap “Configure” and follow the on-screen steps.

HomePod mini not responding: 9 ways to fix!

7. Update your HomePod mini

Apple frequently releases updates for the HomePod mini. Normally, your HomePod will automatically install updates. However, if you’re having trouble with your HomePod, chances are a pending update didn’t install. Luckily, you can manually update your HomePod mini quite easily.

8. Reset HomePod or HomePod mini

No solution yet? Don’t worry because we still have a nuclear solution. And with the nuclear fix, I mean resetting the HomePod to factory defaults. When the Siri-enabled speaker is facing persistent issues, this solution comes in handy. Notably, there are several ways to reset HomePod.

Use the Home app to reset HomePod

  • On iPhone and iPad: Open the Home app -> press and hold the HomePod icon -> Remove accessory -> Remove.
  • On Mac: Go to Home app -> double click HomePod icon -> Remove accessory -> Remove.

Tap the top of HomePod to reset it

  • Unplug HomePod mini from power. Wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in.
  • Wait another 10 seconds, then touch and hold the top of HomePod mini.
  • The white light on top of HomePod mini will turn red. Hold down your finger.
  • Siri will then notify you that your HomePod mini is about to be reset. Tap and hold until you hear three beeps, which confirms that HomePod mini has been reset successfully.

Restore HomePod mini with Mac or PC

1. First of all, plug your HomePod mini into your computer using the USB-C cable, then open Finder on macOS or iTunes on Windows 11 or Windows 10.

2. Select your HomePod when it appears on your computer and click Restore HomePod.

Restore HomePod Using Mac or PC

Your computer will begin restoring software to your HomePod mini. During this time, you’ll see a flashing amber light on top of the HomePod mini. Once the light stops flashing, your HomePod mini has finished restoring and it’s safe to disconnect it from your Mac or PC.

9. If nothing works, contact Apple Support

Finally, if nothing has worked, your only option is to contact Apple Support. More often than not, they’ll be able to fix whatever issue your HomePod mini is having.

HomePod mini Frequently Asked Questions Not Responding

Q. Does HomePod mini work when not plugged in?

HomePod mini does not work when unplugged. You will need to connect the speaker to a power source in order to use it. That said, there are third-party accessories that can power your HomePod mini so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Q. Can I reset HomePod mini?

You can reset the HomePod mini from the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac by following the steps mentioned above. If you can’t do that, you can press and hold the top of HomePod mini to reset it.

Q. Why is my HomePod flashing white?

A flashing white light on your HomePod mini means the speaker is ready to be set up.

Easily fix an unresponsive HomePod mini

Well, these are the methods to fix unresponsive HomePod mini. Hope you were able to fix your unresponsive HomePod mini using these solutions. Let us know which fix worked for you and if there are any other methods you think should be mentioned in this article.